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King Kai,NPC, Eyez and Micsure are a Dunedin/Christchurch based Hip-Hop crew called TWOBARSSHORT.

TWOBARSSHORT have just released a four track E.P called TWOBARSHORT VOL TWO

Independently released on Bandcamp and available for what ever you think It’s worth. TWOBARSSHORT have delivered four tracks of crispy well produced and keenly crafted songs that will resonate with fans of underground NZ Hip-Hop.

TWOBARSSHORT are aiming to release four E.P's in 12 months. Volume One was released in May this year and is also available on Bandcamp.

TWOBARSSHORT are in touch with the NZ Hip-Hop scene. Delivering what I feel the Hip-Hop heads of New Zealand want and thats straight from the heart non commercialised Hip-Hop. Like the lyrics to the opening song So Sly say. Their music is for the druggies, the skaters and the misfits and theres not a commercial offering in site.

TWOBARSSHORT have an authentic New Zealand flavour to their sound and manage to deliver without sounding overly American which I personally always appreciate and their vocal delivery is tight, energetic and upbeat.

The stand out element in this E.P is the production. King Kai makes dope beats and the mixing and mastering on the E.P sounds top notch.

I caught up with Micsure and asked him a few questions about TWOBARSSHORT and the new E.P.

How would you describe your music in one sentence?

A collaboration of Hip-Hop heads trying to still live in the nineties.

What sets you apart from other acts/groups?

I guess our drive to release four E.P's within 12 months. I don’t really know any one who has done that.

Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?

I personally like track 2 on the E.P (Bricks in the wall) because of the level of the verses we bring and the hook sticks in my head.

Where do you come from or what part of NZ do you or your group represent?

We are mainly Dunedin based with the exception of Micsure who lives in Christchurch.

Do you produce your own beats or do you use any particular beat maker?

King Kai aka Hamish Clulee makes the beats and produces the tracks he also emcees on some tracks. He's an all rounder.

Whats your favourite and least favourite thing about Hip-Hop culture?

My favourite thing about Hip-Hop culture is the freedom of speech being able to use the format to say what ever u want and try to make it sound dope at the same time. My least favourite is the fact people have seemed to have forgotten what Hip-Hop is and we are seeing an increase of watered down raps breaking the air waves. Ultimatley warping the definition of Hip-Hop for todays youth to something that to me is strictly advertisement.

Tell us about your E.P.

This is the second E.P in a series of four. We just lay down what we feel at the time. Go with the flow then King Kai makes it sound sicker than when we started. We aren’t going for any particular sound we just do what each mc/producer feels n chuck it together giving each verse a unique sound almost changing the feeling of the song completely.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring rappers/producers?

I know its corny but just keep doing what ya doing yo.

What can we expect to see from you over the next year?    

Over the next year two more E.P's and hopefully a bundle of gigs.







Coconut Lime is the new New Zealand On Air funded music video from Team Dynamite featuring Che Fu.

Team Dynamite are Tony Shihamau aka Tony TZ and Lance Fepuleai aka Lucky Lance with production from Haz Huavi aka Haz Beats

The music video has an awesome Kung Fu style theme. Following a story of two Kung Fu wannabes who get their buts kicked by a group of marauders. After their defeat they realise they’re not as bad ass as they thought they were. So they employ the help of Master Fu (Che Fu) who trains them in the Coconut Lime style. After returning from training, the duo find their master dying on the ground and his home set ablaze by villains. Distraught by the death of their master, they vow to avenge him. Master Fu’s dying words are “use the Coconut Lime style”. They set off to avenge their master and inevitably defeat their enemies and avenge their master with the mighty Coconut Lime style. 

The music video made by Eddy Fifield is very well done and has a great cinematic look to it. I particularly like the wide screen effect.

The music video has only been out for just over a week and has clocked up a tidy 10,000 views. I’ve already seen it pop up on my Facebook feed a couple of times so it’s definitely appealing to their audience.

Having Che Fu on a track is always a smart move and along with the great music video and extended reach obtained with New Zealand On Air funding scheme, this jaunty track is bound to leave an impression on the NZ music world.

Coconut Lime is off of the album Shepherds Delight available from iTunes.


Check out Coconut Lime by Team Dynamite.






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If you’ve never heard of Pakkz Tha General and you’re a fan of Hip-Hop then you need to know.

Now I thought I’d seen some hard grinding rappers but Pakkz Tha General is on a whole nother level. In 2013 he released 3 full length quality albums. D-Day, Punishing Tha Game and The Western Leader.

Signed by 833 Records, Pakkz has already released a free E.P called Raw Footage to kick off 2014 and If that weren’t enough he has a double album coming out soon called The Borough King.

Pakkz is a big man blessed with a big voice. The kind of voice rappers would sell their soul to have and he’s definitely not letting his gift go to waste.

Each album is jam packed with features from well known NZ rappers and has the ever popular Sid Diamond featuring on every album. The songs are straight Hip-Hop, Boom Bap but manage to sound up to date with massive hooks that you can sing along to. The production and sound quality is world class and no expense has been spared to get a fantastic sounding and looking product.

Pakkz also hosts the P.T.G Code radio show on streaming radio Rep fm on Wednesday nights from 8pm until 11pm playing that real Hip-Hop all day. I caught up with Pakkz Tha General and asked him some questions to learn a bit more about the man behind the music.

How would you describe your music in one sentence?

Reality rap, that tries to encompass every emotion a human can go through.

What sets you apart from other acts/groups?

Longevity, hunger,experience.Ive been rhyming since I was 13 years old and active in the scene since I was 14. I was at most Hip-Hop gigs in Auckland from about 2002 until maybe 2010 so I learnt a lot, saw a lot and met a lot of good people along the way. Also I learned how to network through the net early, so I guess being able to collab with a lot of underground/up and coming and already known artists was an advantage because my fan base grew in the areas they were repping.

Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?

Im proud of all my music I’d say from 2007 onwards. I put a lot of effort into everything after I felt I’d locked my style that I was going for, so everything from then until now and including my new shit I’m proud of for the fact I put my heart and 100% effort into every line from then on.

Where do you come from or what part of NZ do you or your group represent?

I was born in Opotiki, Bay of Plenty. Raised in Pawarenga, Northland and bred In good old West Auckland. I represent them all but for now I’m trying to put West Auckland on the map all day.

Do you produce your own beats or do you use any particular beat maker?

I did a bit of production, but only rapped on a few of my own beats, mainly because they sucked. Before I linked with my label I was making an effort to include all my NZ producer friends like Yorel, 44, Dj Kinetic & a few others but it slowly faded as i progressed, they weren’t advancing as quick with shit as I’d have liked them to so I started fucking with American producers like my dude Dreek who I’ve done a whole album with.The Legion, Vinny Idol, Mykill Myers, K-Dubb, Jared Gosslin and a few other dudes and I haven’t stopped since.

Whats your favourite and least favourite thing about Hip-Hop culture?

My favourite thing about Hip-Hop culture is just watching the evolution of the whole shit. The music, the trends, the sound and the people that come and go. My least favourite thing is the bickering n beef. Shit is childish, save it for the streets.

Tell us about your next release.

My next album Borough King is my 4th album to date and its a double album. Its got a few features who are mainly doing hooks plus a couple of international collabs as well. Basically what I’m trying to do on the next album is to solidify the work that I’ve already put in and make other cats realise that if u wanna do this you have to work as hard as I do. I’m also trying to show cats that this shit isn’t easy but it isn’t hard either. Put in work and get results,I’m letting them know that I’ve done that,now I’m the musical King of my hood & City.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring rappers/producers?

If your truly passionate about this shit go hard. If your not 100 percent fuck off and do something else, theres already too many rappers. If you suck your gonna get eaten by Wolves like me.

What can we expect to see from you over the next year?

More good music,and hopefully some visuals. Basically the rise of PTG to where I belong. On top of this NZ music shit.

You can find me at.

Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/pakkzthageneral

Instagram : 5StarPTG

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pakkzthageneral

and my official site http://www.officialptg.com

I’d suggest you go get the free E.P from the Pakkz Tha General website and get some goodness in your ears.




I was thinking the other day that Auckland is such a rich and diverse melting pot of cultures in which Hip-Hop thrives. Most of Aucklands races are represented in local Hip-Hop, although I’d never seen a rapper from the Asian community. Were there any? And If so where are they?

Well, it turns out the Universe heard my question. A couple of nights later, I found myself at a Visual Base Media gig at Juice Bar in Parnell. I was there watching some local talent including two very talented rappers Hans K and Microdot.

Hans K grabbed my attention immediately. Pretty much the polar opposite to the Hip Hop stereo type. I was looking at a slightly awkward looking teenager with glasses who then began to rap. "Wow" I thought. This guy has got something unique. Hans K aka Hanju Kim is only 17 years old and comes from Keri Keri. Hanju is of Korean descent and lives in Auckland. Hans K has been rapping and writing songs since the tender age of 14. He’s come a long way in a short time and at such a young age and with such a huge amount of talent, he will definitely be one to watch out for.

At the same show another rapper of Korean descent named Microdot performed. 21 Year old Microdot aka David Shin has had a song on the radio recently called For the road to riches. When I heard the song on the radio I just presumed it was another American track because of its professional sounding quality. The fact that a lot of the song is in Korean didn’t seem to even connect. Then I saw his video and was like oh cool he’s Korean and he’s an Aucklander. Microdot was a sensation in Korea as a child as a part of a child rap duo called All Black and he was signed at a very young age along with his older brothers to a Korean Label. Hip-Hop has always been a big part of his life with his older brothers also being rappers and producers.

Both performers put on a great show that night and really stood out to me as charismatic gifted performers. So rappers from the Asian community are out there and they are representing hard. Although despite Auckland massive Chinese population I still haven’t found any Chinese rappers. Where the Chinese rappers at?


Check out Hans K’s song Nostalgia



Check out Microdot’s song For The Road To Riches.







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21 year old Rona Wignall aka Arcee is a female rapper currently based in Dunedin. On the 21st of June 2014 Rona is going to release her first E.P The Cool Zone.

I’ve had The Cool Zone E.P playing in my car today and I must say I’m liking what I hear.

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard Arcee’s music. I caught her What Kinda Rapps you got entry a few months ago. Rona was doing something you don’t see everyday in Hip-Hop. A white girl with clever lyrics and word play rapping while playing the piano. It’s safe to say she caught mine and a lot of peoples attention.

Not long after that, I saw she’d released a music video called Fake Bitch followed by another video Go Hard. These were two impressive tracks and showed that Arcee wasn’t here to play. She’s obviously a serious musician with ambition and the skills to reach her musical goals.

One of the many things I like about Arcee’s sound is her unique accent. Originally from Manchester in the UK, Rona's Manchester accent makes her style reminiscent of Grime. Although I think living in New Zealand has softened her accent somewhat.

Her music is not easy to pigeon hole. I would describe it as Hip-Hop fusion with elements of Pop,Trap, Electronica, Drum & Bass and Dub Step.

The E.P is produced by Darryl Matthew Suasua (Daz on the night shift at Flava) and he’s done an impressive job. 

Arcee is one of the few artists I’ve heard of late who is making relevant up to date music. With the trend in the New Zealand Hip- Hop/Rap scene for rappers and producers to be forever stuck in the past. In relation to this status quo, some may consider her music bold. To me she comes across in her lyrics as a trail blazer who relishes going against the grain. A sentiment I think is highlighted by the diverse influences I hear in her 6 track E.P. 

Arcee is a skilled rapper who has the ability to impress, especially when she switches it up with her double-time flows. Arcee's songwriting, pop sensibilities and hooky choruses (like those found on the title track The Cool Zone) remind me of Lily Allen in places. Although It wouldn’t do Arcee justice to directly compare her with Lilly Allen because she has her own very unique style

The Cool Zone is a quality release and I can see it getting attention from student radio and with her producers connections in commercial radio, It has all the elements to become very successful.

The EP is a sweet fold out poster of Arcee with a CD inside. Get your pre-orders and orders through h.wignall@outlook.com

Check out the music video for Go Hard off of The Cool Zone E.P.




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Higher Learning is a 15 track album by New Zealand Hip-Hop artist Dyslo aka Dylan Smiler a prolific, determined, and hard grinding rapper/producer.

I received Higher Learning in the mail and it went strait into the CD player in the car as I drove to the beach.

Dyslo is new to me. This is the first time I’ve heard his music. The first thing I notice is his interesting lisp, then I noticed his story telling. I’m a fan of the story in Hip-Hop songwriting.

The first song on the album and title track is Higher Learning which is about Dylan’s decision to turn his back on his life of crime and history of incarceration to educate himself in his passion of music at MAINZ music school. I instantly related having gone there myself. Alright that’s a good sign. I’m feeling this album first song in.

I notice that every song is a description of Dylan’s life and experience straight from the heart. I get the same feeling listening to Dyslo as I do from listening to Eminem. You feel like you're reading somebody’s diary and getting let in on somebody’s inner thoughts and personal life.

Dyslo collaborates with his partner Kelly Rose who lends her sultry female vocals to many of the songs on the album. Higher Learning also features an impressive list of NZ rappers such as Sir T, Raiza Biza,Capital Z and Ace Hood.

Dyslo’s 15 years of rapping and 7 years of producing show on this album. It takes time and experience to learn how to produce quality songs like these. The interesting thing about these songs is that they’re street and roots Hip-Hop, some could say Gansta Rap, but they also have a commercial appeal. There's a lot of quality tracks on here that I can see getting love from radio.

The stand out tracks for me reside a couple songs in. You could call it the sweet spot on the album. Gutter Talk a song exploding with energy and boasting a hard hitting, mean hook followed by the equally impressive Riding Shot Gun and then the touching and heart felt Stronger Than You Know are the songs that I was feeling the most. But to be honest they’re all good songs and people will connect with different tracks. The good thing is that all the songs have the potential to connect with the audience because of their honest, from the heart content, solid production and skill full musical execution.

Dyslo is a fantastic artist who’s hard work and dedication Is about to pay off. A quality album like this should not be slept on. So don’t sleep on Dyslo and get yourself a copy of Higher Learning.


PHD Sex Drugs & Hip Hop Volume 6




Click cover art to go to the PHD website. 

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Auckland based rappers T-Thirteen, Anime and Dj Selecta Q are Permanent Head Damage aka PHD. They’ve recently released their 10th album Sex Drugs & Hip Hop volume 6. Yes thats right you heard correctly a staggering 10 albums.

PHD once again deliver high quality underground Hip Hop with 16 tracks and 52 minutes of goodness. This is their sixth album called Sex Drugs & Hip Hop and as you might expect after all that practice these guys know how to write a song and deliver bars. Believe me theres so many out there that don’t. They’ve got those hooky choruses and the production is nice and full with that punchy bottom end compliments of PHD themselves with additional production from beat maker Zone 1.

An album of up tempo high energy rap songs with that rowdy Public Enemy kind of vibe to the tracks, PHD bring their trademark technical fast paced raps to the board with DJ Selecta Q lacing their tracks with his signature syncopated scratching.

As you might expect a lot of the material is based on their favourite topic marijuana but they also cover topics like the struggle to give up cigarettes and alcohol, the importance of their fans and supporters and how much they like Mexican food and Katie Perry.

I’ve seen some of the tracks out in cyber space already. I remember watching the video to their song Fam & Fans featuring Devolo from Deceptikonz last year and their song Mexican Food almost won the $10k www.theaudience.co.nz prize pool from fan votes.

They’re a great act to see live If you ever have the chance and have had plenty of touring experience touring Germany recently as part of the Gutta Howse collective. They’re even planning a German edition of their album so I guess they’ll be touring there again soon. In fact last time I wrote about PHD they were fund raising to tour Australia. They’re a rap group that Is always on the grind. T-Thirteen is off to Australia soon for his first international rap battle which he funded through crowd funding pledges from fans and supporters . I don’t know anyone else who can match their level of dedication commitment to Hip Hop and hard work.

The group have hard copies of the album available from their website with awesome cover art by artist Deus of a naked tattooed girl with a giant booty smoking a joint. Both T-Thirteen and Anime are talented visual artists also with T-Thirteen being a fantastic graph artist and Anime a professional tattoo artist so you know they’re always on point with their visuals.

Don’t sleep on Sex Drugs & Hip Hop Volume 6. Check out the video for the song Fam & Fans below and get the album for the bargain price of $15 from the website.




Merc Swazey and Netts Money Cash EP


 Click on the album cover below to go to the bandcamp page

In a world filled with underground rappers that are hard to swallow, Cash by Merc Swazey and Netts Money, stands out as an easily digestible 8 track EP that will leave you thirsty for more.

I happened to stumble across the new Cash EP on Facebook. It was the album artwork that got my attention. It's funny how these things work. I thought it looked typically posserish and hollow, but something about it was calling to me. I think it was the Hawaiian shirt. Anyway it some how managed to break through my often impenetrable Hip Hop filter system. I gave the album a taste and was pleasantly surprised.

If you're looking for tech raps and serious stories about the hood, you won't find it here. But If you're like me and like things quirky and a little different then you'll love this.

The light hearted simplicity of frontman Merc Swazeys lazy flow combined with the crisp flawless production of Netts money AKA Joel McIntosh will transport you to a tropical paradise of Hawaiian shirts and Ice cold lemonade where you can get "Breezy".

In a word this music is refreshing.

The subject matters are very light hearted and comedic, repetitive and simple. It could easily be perceived by some as "wack" ...but....It's just not. Somehow It works and works really well and there in lies the genius of Merc Swazey and Netts Money.

What makes it work? Well the reason I found this act and album so tantalising is the top of the line production by Netts Money. The songs are beautifully crafted with build ups and breakdowns and structures that actually work. Something that can be hard to find in underground Hip Hop. 

Netts Money is a fantastic producer. These tracks are crisp and full of layers and intricate rhythm. Also I really like the nonchalant approach of Merc Swazey. He's got a slow Lazy flow but he's clever with it and you find yourself hanging on every word. You get the feeling he really doesn't give a fuck and is just doing what he do. They're obviously a great team and together these two make magic.

Merc Swazey and Netts Money both reside in Melbourne Australia but are originally from Christchurch New Zealand and their song Most Breezy has just been picked up by Radio One Dunedin and RDU Christchurch. I can see these guys blowing up. I'm usually right about these things. So watch this space and for god sake download the album and get breezy with Netts Money and Swazey........Swaaaaaaazeeeey............. Swazey...........Swaaaaaazey..............Swazey.



Turner Knows


I’m listening to the album Turner Knows by 22 year old gravel voiced Jordan Turner. Jordan also known as Jay Tea is inspired by artists such as Potluck Technine and Eminem as well as his Wellington Homies and fellow rappers.

Turner Knows is a 23 track concept album of dark venomous Hip Hop with some great production and very tight technical flows.

Jordan has some serious street level life stories for a man of his age, having been in and out of jail for various offences. I can hear Jordan takes these feelings and emotions from his struggles and shares them on every song.

An album of this length takes a bit of digesting, but to me the length is a testament to the dedication and hard work that it obviously took to make an album like this. The music from producers Mozart and Twan and Turner himself is driven by 808 drum kits and dark ethereal synths and Jordan and guest rappers ride these bars beautifully.

The album was released in December 2013 and took nine months to make and believe it or not he has the next album in the pipe line. The lost scripts of Turner knows.

The song content is very emotive and heart felt and definitely angst ridden. The song Blessed to be here with the female chorus hook singing “In a constant war between the Lord and The Devil but I’m blessed to be here”. Is a good example of the concept running through most of the songs in this album. It would take a life time to analyse this lyrical content on these 23 tracks, but to sum it up; This is a well thought out concept album portraying a man going through struggle and dark places, clinging for dear life to scraps of positivity for the strength to keep going.

Jordan has been producing music since the age of 15 and although the album content was written after Jordan got out of prison, I feel like his time in prison was well spent learning how to face his inner demons and turn the chaos of life and all the negativity around him into well crafted works of Hip Hop music.

Another cool thing about this high quality album is that it’s completely home made and independent all the way down to the design printing and manufacture of the CD and album cover.

It’s safe to say that Jordan is an inspired artist and a talent to be reckoned with.

I think this album is excellent and will resonate with fans of dark lyrically technical Hip Hop. It's a huge accomplishment for Jordan and for an independant release.

I'm expecting big things from Jordan Turner in the future. So show some support and buy the album and if you buy a hardcopy cd you will also get a free download of the digital version and a signed laminate and scan code for more free downloads.



                                     Click on the album art to go to the bandcamp page. 


Tokie Konez Royal Flush




 Tokie Konez is a NZ rapper from west Auckland and he has a new album called Royal Flush. To describe Tokie Konez, think Cypress Hills B- Real meets Chopper Read rapping over 90’s inspired boom-bap.

I like Tokie Konez he’s one of the NZ rappers I have time for. Not just because he’s got great bars but because he’s a down to earth guy with no undeserved ego like you get with some of these scumbags.

Speaking of Scumbags one of his songs off of the new album is called Scumbags. A veteran of the Auckland rap battle scene Tokie always approaches his topics with a tongue in cheek sense of humour and often includes self depreciating lines.  I guess when most of your friends are battle rappers you want to make fun of yourself before someone else does. But in saying that, on this album Tokie Konez and friends makes fun of everything and everyone.

The album is full of skits and entertaining morsels. The flows on this album are solid, the subject matters are down and dirty and strictly non commercial. The album features rappers Myles Murphy, Hegz and Tyson Tyler just to name a few and tracks are produced by Tokies brother Brothyl Beatz with contributions from his partner in crime Kamasuda and Daddy Noise to name a few.

The first impression I had when I listened to the album was that it was a bit thrown together and raw. But the more I’ve listened to it the more it’s grown on me. The deeper I’ve gotten into the album the more I find myself appreciating the lyrics and flows as they capture my imagination and tantalise my ears.

In my opinion the stand out track for me is Chookabity produced by Kachin with cuts by DJ Joon.

The album has a pretty sweet cover featuring a photo of Tokie Konez sitting on the toilet wearing a picture of a King of Hearts playing card. Get it? Royal Flush!!.... Get it?

Royal Flush was given away for free on The Sons Of Mums website and had so many downloads they exceeded their limit and had to re upload it. It's a pretty sweet album so check that bad boy out and if you’re feeling it, buy that shit. Tokie Konez has kids to feed…….. A lot of Kids to feed………… Seriously!

The albums single ‘How it’s done’ has a hillarious music video, check it out below.

Best Quote "Don't you know who the fuck I think I am"